Does Social Media Put Your Job In Jeopardy?

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We live in a time where social media is the driver of mostly everything. Like anything else in this world, social media can be a good thing or a bad thing. It ultimately depends on how an individual utilizes it. It is rare we find out things from other sources rather than online. It is also rare to find someone without an online presence. It seems as if no one can do anything without sharing or posting no matter how small or big the information and occasion may be.
We all love the convenience of posting at the click of a button. Some individuals post the positive and negative things that transpire in their lives and others, but should an honest viewpoint put your job in jeopardy? If you were a boss of a major corporation would the way a potential
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A teacher’s aide was recently fired after she made crude remarks about first lady, Michelle Obama. The nature of the discriminatory comments should have never been expressed on a public platform for millions to see. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but when social media is brought into the picture it is best to keep things appropriate for everyone’s sake.
According to Ripton, there are a few things that could hurt your chances from getting a position and keeping one. There are many seven mistakes that job seekers and current employees make that cost them their job. From posting distasteful comments, complaining out your boss or clients, and even something as simple as using text language. These common mistakes actually happen quite often and can have major implications and consequences.
Whatever you post on-line you lose control over it and it is there forever. It is important to keep in mind that what you post on-line has the ability to be seen by millions, no matter how private you believe the information may be. While social media can provide one with a variety of job opportunities, it can also be damaging if not used properly it at the same time. As a precaution never network negligently or post anything

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