Water Quality For Canadian Regional And Municipal Water Essay

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In last couple of decades water quality is become very major problem in Canada. This paper based on the study of water quality in Canada from three journal articles. The first one is about urbanization in which high concentration of heavy metals and installation of drainage system including portable water supply and waste water supply; agriculture pollutants transferred to surface water by over flow and couple of elements pay important role in agriculture field as nutrients. The report evaluate the ability of CCME (Canadian council of Ministers of the environment) WQI(Water quality index) to differentiate water quality from mine to metal. Ministry of Environment Canada developed water quality index. Water quality index have tools to test water quality data. Third discussion on this report about operating environment for Canadian regional and municipal water utilities has been challenging , increasing water treatment and processing cost get causes of bad quality in tap water and drinking water. In agriculture community people mostly concern about the colour and odour of the water. Agriculture pollutants transferred to surface water by over flow drainage system and ditches .
Urbanized system is highly conditioned by the significant proportion and by the installation of drainage systems. Network of the pipes for portable water and waste water system parallel in this system. These things brings changes and generates pollutants from urban…

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