Water Pollution And How It Affect Our Oceans Essay

2276 Words May 31st, 2016 null Page
For my senior project, I decided to research water pollution, and how it affects ocean life and its inhabitants. I will be answering questions that I have about water pollution and how it 's affecting our oceans. The reason I’m doing my project on this topic is because I find it very interesting, and I also want to bring awareness to this issue. It 's a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed, because if we continue to do nothing, I believe that ocean life as we know it will go extinct. With this project I hope to learn many things, for example I want to learn what species are being affected by water pollution, in what ways, and specifically how it is affecting their health. I also want to learn how water pollution is affecting the coral reefs and it’s inhabitants, and what we can do to stop ocean pollution before it 's too late. While I’m doing this project, I’ll be addressing my essential question, which is, “How is water pollution affecting ocean life?” I decided to pick this as my essential question because I feel like it 's an interesting question that I can learn a lot from and I want to study how badly water pollution is affecting the oceans, lakes, and rivers.
Throughout this project, I’ll be using many different sources to assist me. Some sources that I will be using will be articles from the internet, books, youtube videos, but mostly I plan on using websites, since I feel they hold the most reliable information on this subject. As of right now I envision my…

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