Water Bottles Are Not Good For The Environment Essay

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Plastic water bottles are not good for the environment or our bodies. Fiji water is the most bought bottled water in the US. The bottle they use for this water is fancy which draws the consumer 's eye this helps the company sell more. Most water bottles have mountains or nature on the packaging or the sticker that wraps around the bottle to make you think about where it comes from, looking at the sticker you would think the water is natural. In reality most of the water that is being bottled is from the tap. On average one person will drink about thirty- one gallons of bottled water a year.
Fiji water claims that their water is better to drink than the tap water you can easily get from your home, almost for free. There are some tests that say there is more bacteria in Fiji water than there is in tap water. It might be because of the plastic and chemicals that are being used to make the water bottles. The chemicals and bacteria that are inside the plastic water bottles could eventually leak into the water that is stored inside the bottle, this could cause dizzyness. The more you take in the worse the symptoms will become for example, nausea, vomiting, and the worst case scenario is death.
The bottles for bottled water are made in a factory, these factories are huge and emit tons of greenhouse gasses that are bad for the environment. To make only one bottle you need one fourth of a liter of oil, three liters of feed water, and one more liter of bottled water. The oil…

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