Was The Civil War Predictable? Essay

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Was the Civil War predictable? Did any events indefinitely cause the South to desire a split from the North? The North and the South had a growing tension between them for many reasons, and the northern abolitionists encouraged a Civil War through their actions of protest. Although many Americans were affected minimally by the changes of the nation, abolitionists inevitably foresaw a Civil War because the growing tensions between the North and the South became apparent in political and social changes, slavery issues, and the growing occurrence of rebellions. Political and social changes occurred in many ways, including The Second Great Awakening, Lincoln’s presidential election to office, the way the North and the South dealt with one another, and the new laws of land and states’ rights of 1820, 1850, and 1854. As a result of a massive religious ‘awakening’, the Second Great Awakening arose, causing a numerous amount of reform movements such as abolitionism, public education, the temperance movement, and of course, an increased set of religious beliefs. Abolitionists ‘awoke’ to the fact that slaves were not to be treated like animals, because they were in fact human as well. William Lloyd Garrison, an influential abolitionist and author of his newspaper called The Liberator, commended to express his opinion through these papers about the evils of humanity and slavery. In one of Garrison’s poems, Sonnet to Liberty, he wrote, “I may not plead for all the human race; that some…

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