Walt Disney's Influence On North America

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Walt Disney was an American animator, entrepreneur, film producer, and voice actor who won 22 academy awards in his entire lifetime. Disney was massively influential on North
America, creating many cherished and adored animated American classics. Walt Disney was the most influential animator in all of North America because he produced an enormous portion of
America’s popular media and entertainment. Walter Elias Disney was born in Hermosa, Illinois on December 5, 1901 to Elias and
Flora Disney. Walt Disney was the youngest of his four siblings. Disney’s father was a drunk who could never hold a job and was physically abusive father. Because of his father’s abuse and discontent with his current life situation, Walt took an interest
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Theme parks extended beyond the United States border into foreign countries like Japan, China, and even France.
Disney Studios directed, animated, and produced the first movie to be animated with computer generated imagery; again, making great advancements in the animation industry, just like Walt himself. Walt Disney still spreads his influence through his entertainment empire that he has left behind. His empire has brought billions of dollars into the United States economy and produced many jobs not only for those working directly for his company, but those who solicit his merchandise at the supermarkets and shopping malls. Nearly every American household has at least one item that has come to be as a result of Walt Disney’s legacy. Walt Disney’s legacy and influence is nearly undying and immortal and just keeps on growing as time goes on. The American entrepreneur, film producer, and voice actor who revolutionized the animation industry, brought warmth to the hearts of countless people of young and old, made people smile in times of hardship, and made a huge contribution to the North American continent to make it what we know it for was Walter Elias Disney. Walt Disney was by far the

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