The Dangers Of Walt Disney

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“Walt Disney was a dreamer, just a kid who never grew up,” (University Meghan’s Channel”). He took his dreams and made them real in his motion pictures, sharing them with kids and adults around the world. Walt would become the greatest and most powerful innovator in film. His filmmaking and entrepreneurial skills would make him a lasting figure.
Born in Chicago December 5, 1901 (Langer), Walt had an incredible dream fulfilling life ahead of him. His parents were Elias Disney and Flora Disney. Just after Walt was born, The Disney family moved to a town in Missouri called Marceline, where Walt would spend most of his childhood. While being one of five kids (“About Walt Disney”) he started drawing by the time he was seven, selling his works of
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Many are not familiar with Oswald the lucky rabbit. Oswald was one of Walt Disney’s first characters he had drawn. “Oswald needed to be young and snappy, not elongated with a heavy round torso, gangly arms, short legs, and over sized feet,” explains Disney. Even though Oswald was a huge hit, after finishing his character things didn’t turn out the way he had planned. He soon found out that Oswald did not belong to him (University Meghan 's Channel). Oswald ended up belonging to UB Iwerks, so Walt was technically not able to claim it himself.
Walt Disney knew he needed a new face of Disney, a face that everyone would know. Mickey Mouse was born on the first of October in 1928. However, this was not the day he was finished being drawn, but the day his first animated picture was started. Disney wanted Mickey Mouse to claim this day in history as his own. The idea of Mickey Mouse came to Walt on a train. He was headed to Hollywood from Manhattan birthday (“ The Birth of a
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Walt seemed to have so much hope and determination for his dreams. His career really began with the seven minute “short” called Steamboat Willie, featuring the first Mickey Mouse (University Meghan’s Channel). Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie, marked history (Gabler 118). It was the first animation with synchronized sound. This animation was also very popular because it was the introduction of the face of Mickey Mouse (University Meghan’s Channel). The new animation was so popular that the New York Times stated, “It was an ingenious piece of work with a good deal of fun.” (Gabler 127) After Steamboat Willie, Walt’s career just grew with the next big hit Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became incredibly famous. They say that it represented Walt Disney in amazing ways. It showed how determined he was and how he believed in his dreams. During the hardest times during the Great Depression, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs produced about $149,9000. This was unheard of and what is truly amazing is that he was able to do it at one of America’s darkest times (“About Walt Disney”). Walt knew that he was going to have to keep on creating these animations. Fantasia production began in 1937. Fantasia came to Walt’s mind when he was worrying about Mickey Mouse and his popularity level. He was able to come up with a section of Fantasia called The Sorcerer’s

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