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1. What is the ethical dilemma facing Wal-Mart in this case ? Do Wal-Mart’s associates also face an ethical dilemma? If so, what is it ?

Wal-Mart is facing an ethical problem by implementing computerized scheduling system. Indeed, before the store managers had to arranged manually the schedule for the employees but Wal-mart begun to use Kronos system to create work schedule. Obviously, this implementation helps to increase the profit margin of the company.
But what are the consequences for the employees ? The new system scheduling time work is totally irregular and unpredictable which may decrease the employee’s job stability and potentially create financial hardships. The result was a computerized system that totally
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They have to be more flexible in their work time, may work only few hours during the weekday and have to work the week-end or even during the nights. It’s a serious problems because people don’t have the possibility to manage their lives as they would like which makes family life harder to organize.
If you want the best of your employees, you have to treat them with respect and dignity. And treating them like trucks or robots doesn’t do that.

4. What are this group’s major points of contention with Wal-Mart ?

The main problems are :
• Health-care  Wal-Mart’s health care plan fail to cover hundreds of thousands of associates ; Wal-mart stopped offering health insurance to part-time employees working less than 24hours per week ; The plans that the company offer are unffordable for many hourly associates ; Walmart made it even more difficult for associates to get quality health care for themselves and their families ;

• People of color  About 19% of Walmart’s 1.4 million US workers are African-American. Unfortunately, Walmart jobs keep our communities in poverty ; A full-time Walmart associate earns less than 70 percent of the 2013 federal poverty line for a family of four ; People of color are underrepresented in management jobs at Walmart ; Employees face harassment and intimidation at work, wage and hour violations, and unsafe working conditions.

• Women’s issues  Walmart discriminated against women in promotions, pay, and job

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