Vught Concentration Camp Research Paper

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Vught Concentration Camp
Vught concentration camp was a harsh and cruel camp located in Holland. In this camp many people were shot or died from one, or more, of the many ways of death. Prisoners arrived at this cruel camp already weak and starving from their previous camp. This concentration camp was split into two different sections, one for the Jews and the other for political Dutch and Belgian prisoners. The Vught concentration camp was a cruel and strict camp, a place where many hard deaths occurred.
The Vught concentration camp was located in Holland. It was split into two sections one for the Jews and one for the Dutch and Belgian prisoners. The first commander of this camp was a well known officer for the cruelties he committed at a camp called Gusen, one of the Nazis most brutal camps. The Vught camp was 500 by 200 meters big. It consisted of thirty-six living and twenty-three working barracks. A ditch with double barbed wire fence surrounded the camp. There were also watchtowers placed
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These gallows, in September 1943, were used to execute twenty Belgian prisoners. 747 prisoners, mostly Jews, died between 1943 and 1944. On September 4th and 5th, 117 prisoners were shot to death outside the camp at the shooting range. Children, under the age of sixteen, were also executed throughout their times at the camps, the numbers dramatically increased as the war came to a close. Prisoners, mostly Jewish prisoners, were moved to an extermination camp, where they were put to death.
The Vught concentration camp was a cruel, harsh, and a strict camp. Many people were put to death here in many different ways. All of these innocent people were killed because Germans and others blamed them for what had happened at war. They used the most cruel ways and took many people’s life, and yet they thought it was right. There is nothing we can do about it now but it can help with future decisions and

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