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Working with Others Kelley Smith 7/19/2015 GS2520: Professional Communications Charles McCoin

The article that I found for managing conflict in a work environment is by Bonnie Hagemann and Saundra Stroope and is called “Conflict Management: Lessons from the Second Grade”. In this article, Stroope and Hagemann discuss strategies on how to avoid and resolve conflict while at work. They found that second graders used the same techniques to resolve conflict as those at the upper levels in the business world. Here are the techniques they touch on in their article: * Get help * Compromise * Avoid * Talk it out * Negotiate * Chance * Ignore * Take turns * Apologize
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“We all have these tools available to us and we may have even known about them since the second grade, but managing conflict can still be difficult. People are busy, in a hurry, frustrated, passionate, anxious, tired, and unpredictable.” (Bonnie Hagemann, 2012). Before attempting to use one of these techniques to deal with conflict within the workplace, make sure you know which one is the correct technique and that it is acceptable behavior for that instance. In my future career, I know that I will be able to implement all 13 of these techniques. Of course, I will choose carefully so as to not be inappropriate with my fellow co-workers. The humor technique is definitely something that I see myself using more often seeing as how I always try to make things easier to handle with a little humor in my day to day life. Another technique that I see myself using is taking turns. I like to get other peoples feedback and opinion when I get stuck on an issue, so taking turns will work to both our benefits when it comes to finding a conclusion about a work decision. Last but certainly not least, the apologizing technique. I know that when I make a mistake in my future career, I will be a big enough person to admit when I am wrong. No matter what the situation, whether it is on the job or just at home with your family, you have to own up to your mistakes and say you’re sorry when it’s time. Otherwise, how can you

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