Visual Text Analysis: The Dolce And Gabbana Fashion Ad

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Register to read the introduction… Culturally expected gender roles are obvious when it comes to this ad. The woman in the advertisement is shown under a man while she is struggling to get away or get up. All the men in the ad are above her or towering over her which represents their stance in society. This ad indicates how men are thought to have more power over women and women are supposed to be submissive to men. Women are also known to be weaker and have a dependency on men. All of the men are staring at her with an emotionless facial expression. This shows that how calm they are and know what they want. The position of the different genders in the fashion ad dictates a specific issue. It proves that men are the dominant figure in society and hold the key to all the power. In this particular ad, the woman is shown as not only under the man but is also surrounded by men. This depicts that women live in a man’s world where men dominate them. Since she is surrounded by men, it also implies that women will always run into problems with being in a higher position as men. Everywhere she goes, a man will always be a step higher than her. Western culture has portrayed men as the “breadwinner” and women as the “homemaker”. This ad shows how women are struggling to get out of that inferior …show more content…
Every detail from the woman being pinned under the man to the woman’s blank facial expression shows how cultural expectations of gender are still an issue. Though women are fighting and struggling to grasp the top of the equality ladder, we are always one step behind. The ad portrays women living in a world that is controlled and dominated by men. She is struggling to release herself from his grip in order to be free. The ad also shows the woman below the men. This means that women are under men in a sense of power. The advertisement does perpetuate the cultural expectations of genders by displaying these specific

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