Essay on Vision And Mission Of Andy Byford

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Introduction Since, the introduction of Andy Byford as CEO in 2012 he has implemented a five-year corporate plan that incorporates many aspects of the TTC’s operations with the hope to modernize it and focus the attention of the TTC on being customer oriented. Through the TTC’s vision and mission; “Our Mission - To provide a reliable, efficient and integrated bus, streetcar and subway network that draws its high standards of customer care from our rich traditions of safety, service and courtesy” and “Our Vision - A transit system that makes Toronto proud” (QUOTE1). we can see Andy’s focus on putting the customer first and his commitment to making the TTC recognized for its superiority. When comparing the TTC to transit systems in North America and worldwide, we begin to see the TTC’s strengths and weaknesses in their corporate plan. With recommendation focusing on the customer and safety, the TTC should achieve its vision in the near future.
TTC Vision and Mission Importance
The importance of having employees that are aligned with the TTC mission is a critical aspect that Andy must ensure is carefully addressed. Employees with a proper understanding of the TTC’s vision and mission statements will ultimately lead the TTC to a future with an aligned workforce and overall success.
First off, the TTC employees are the first line of interaction between the company and its consumers, which means that the TTC employees are the first ones to possibly form an impression on the…

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