Viruses Can Not Be Killed By Antibiotics Essay

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What is an infection An infection happens when an organism such as bacteria feeds off of its host. It lives in that person and multiplies. This causes the area to become red and hurt. Because of the one way benefit to the organisms they are known as parasitic organisms. There are lots of bacteria on earth and our bodies are mostly made up of bacteria that live inside us but don 't cause harm because they live symbiotically with their host. There are manny different kinds of infections and they can be caused in manny different ways “Infections are caused by infectious agents including viruses, viroids, prions, bacteria, nematodes such as parasitic roundworms and pinworms, arthropods such as ticks, mites, fleas, and lice, fungi such as ringworm, and other macroparasites such as tapeworms and other helminths.”( These are just a few examples. There is a big difference between bacterial and viral infections. Viruses can not be killed by antibiotics. You get an infection when you come in contact with one of thees microorganisms. This can happen many different ways like contact with a sick person or dirty surfaces. (source 1) (source 2) Infection Damage A untreated infection can have harmful effects on your body. Bacteria living in people release toxins that can hurt the host and can damage tissue. They can spread to the blood…

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