Virgin Atlantic Essay

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The aviation industry of any nation acts as a contributor to its economic growth, helps in globalisation and creating an international image. It is the best in terms of the fastest, safest and convenient mode of travel. Even though it is an expensive one, it is expanding its markets across the middle-class who are ready to spent money on leisure trips. Thus it is truly stated that aviation forms a vital core infrastructure area without which a country economy is handicapped.
The civil aviation industry of world has expanded its wings by letting in private organisations. Privatisation in the domestic and the international circuit can help in foreseeing the future of the aviation industry at a mark up rise, and
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 Virgin is the only airline to have a bar and a lounge on their flights.
 Choice of up to 21 video channels plus 10 Nintendo games, 5 classic PC games and 7 audio channels.
 Choice of four entrees with main meal including a vegetarian option.
 Complementary drinks including pre-take champagne.
 Virgin is the only airline to offer Ice cream during the movie time onboard.

In – flight Beauty therapist
 Virgin is the only airline to have an in-flight beauty therapist to give neck and scalp massage, zone therapy massage or manicure.
 Comfort kit containing various beauty products.

2. Premium Economy Class
Premium economy is a flexible full economy fare allowing changes to flight details without penalty. It offers all the benefits of Virgin economy service plus:
 Separate aircraft cabin
 Most comfortable economy seats in the world, with extended legroom, leg rest and adjustable headrest.
 The convenience of a separated dedicated check -in available and priority baggage handling for a first exit through the airport and priority duty free service.
 Generous air-miles from Virgin's Frequent flyer Programme ‘Virgin Freeway.'
 Pre –take off drinks including complementary champagne and bucks fizz throughout the flight.
 Selection of fruit available throughout the flight.
 Ice cream during the movie.

The benefits from the above features

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