Violent Video Games Make Teens Violent Essay

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Video game violence
Do violent video games make teens violent in society?

According to Violent video games a young people 's, “Federal crime statistics suggests that serious violent crimes among youths have decreased since 1996, even as video game sales have soared” (“Violent video games and young people”). Video games are played among most teens in the United States. Video game creators have been in the crossfire over violence. “ Most parents say that video games cause violence in the real world while teens who play it say other. Some studies such as the American Academy of Pediatrics agree with the parents, but other researchers have questioned the validity of the research” (Bailey). With the population of people who play violent video games growing and crime rates dropping, there is no connection that violent video cause violence in teens. video games have been blamed for crimes committed by teenagers “noting that most young perpetrators had personality traits, such as anger, psychosis, and aggression, that were apparent before the shootings and predisposed them to violence. These factors make it more difficult to accept the playing of violent games as an independent risk factor” (“Violent Video Games And Young People”). Violent video games are not causing real world violence, but is surprisingly helping to reduce violence in society. Video games do not cause violence in teens.…

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