Violent Video Games: Causes Of Video Violence

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Video and computer games classified as “violent video games” were restricted if the actions of violence within the game were “offensive to the community” or if the violence depicted is committed in an “especially heinous, cruel, or depraved” manner. The definition of violence according to Assembly Bill 1179 was “anything depicting the "killing, maiming, dismembering or sexual assaulting" of a human image” (Suddath). In continuation to Assembly Bill 1179, in July 2011, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association that video games are part of the first amendment, and meet the requirements for the same free speech protections that the amendment covers.
Under the law, game manufacturers and distributors
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Considering age and gender of the perpetrators in mass shootings tend to fit the described “target demographic and have high rates of mental illness. Such evidence also ignores the millions of players who do not kill. Therefore, public policy and research must focus on other possible causes of gun violence, such as poor mental health care and access to firearms, in addition to violent video games” (Kain). Supporters of violent videos games do not see an issue with the graphic content of the games and believe that playing videos games gives children and outlet, mainly their anger, in a controlled and safe environment alongside the idea of improving social and motor skills in adolescents. Violent video games can be seen by video game enthusiasts to have a more positive effect on adolescents than others forms of media and do not correlate with increasing youth violence, antisocial behavior, or stunted mental …show more content…
However, these studies fail to include that nonviolent video games are the cause of the mental growth. A study by Argosy University’s Minnesota School on Professional Psychology found that adolescents having an addiction to video games tend to act out towards teacher, show aggression towards friends, and have poor grades compared to fellow classmates. The same study also showed that these violent video game addicted students skip out on homework in order to play more video game, and often several students openly admit to the negative habit being the cause of poor grades in

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