Violent Video Game Exposure Effects On Aggressive Behavior Essay

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The debate whether or not violent video games cultivate violent behavior has been an issue since there has been a rise in school shootings in North America. This article will be providing a summary of an empirical study conducted by Christopher J. Ferguson and Stephanie M. Rueda regarding developmental issues arisen from violent video games. The article The Hitman Study: Violent Video Game Exposure Effects of Aggressive focuses on the concept of the social learning theory and the catharsis in order to explain the result of this study. Throughout this article, it will also describe the study’s relevance to real life applications.

The article The Hitman Study: Violent Video Game Exposure Effects on Aggressive Behavior, Hostile Feelings, and Depression is a study trying to shine light onto the debate whether or not there is a positive correlation between exposure to violent media and video games, and violent behaviors. According to the Social Learning Theories of Aggression (Anderson & Bushman, 2002; Huesmann, 1986; Patterson, DeBarysche, & Ramsey, 1989) theorizes that being exposed to violent media and video games creates a cognitive “script” that is related to aggression. This “script” that the people learn through exposure to violence causes them to model themselves after what they’ve seen. Exposure to violence makes violent behavior appear to be a more of a socially acceptable behavior than it really is. The counter argument to this theory is that it…

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