Essay On Violence In Nursing

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Nursing experiencing violence in the work place is a very serious problem because it can have determinate consequences for a nurse and in return her patients as well. Workplace violence is defined as any violent acts directed toward persons at work or on duty, this can range from a verbal threat to homicide. Nurses can experience violence from strangers, clients, coworkers or somebody in supervising position. More specifically, Lateral or Horizontal violence (HV) is violence on nurses caused by other nurses, supervisors, doctors and/or other health care workers. HV can be anything from undermining behaviors to physical violence. I choose the issue of violence in nursing because it is a very common problem. Statistics from U.S. Department …show more content…
According to the National Advisory on Nurse Education and Practice conference (2007), nursing practice interventions for violence should consists of establishing clear safety standards and guidelines, offering violence prevention workshops, establishing and distributing support resources like legal advisors or therapy groups, educate on prevention and lastly but more importantly keep communications open and safe for all healthcare workers to voice if violence has occurred. Another study by Blair L. P. (2012), suggests that team building and skill building activities are the solution to reducing violence and bullying. Nurses and other healthcare workers should have team-building sessions that focus on building trust, clarifying roles, engaging everyone in decision-making, positive behavior role modeling and speaking about problems within the group. Another suggestion by the researchers of this article was that charge nurses within the department be assigned to have critical conversations about workplace violence and dealing with it, instead of bring outside resources and spokes people to educate nurses.
My position:
ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements states that nurses are required to

“create an ethical environment and culture of civility and

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