Vietnam Parenting Case Study

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An Effective Approaches to Parenting. There are many different cultures in the world, and every culture has its own view about parenting. For example, Vietnamese parents in particular, and Asian parents in general are always known by their strictly parenting approaches; American’s parents, conversely, are popular with their scientifically parenting method without placing any unnecessary pressure on their children. Each country has its own advantage. Comparing between two approaches of parenting in Vietnam and American in three aspects such as educating children’s independence, parents’ attitude toward children’s opinions, and punishment method, it was noticeable that American’s parenting approach are more effective than Vietnamese’s parenting approach. Comparing with parenting method of Vietnamese, it is easy to see that American stress more on developing children’s independence. They believe that is very important in training children to be self-reliant especially when they are young. It is not only helps children to stand on their own feet but also create a good condition for children to develop their personality. For example, since childhood, American parents let their children sleep separately …show more content…
Many people believe that parenting is influenced by culture, and something that is related to culture should not be change; but that is partly true. Keep the cultural identity is good, but it is better if people are willing to learn good points from other countries to improve their own approaches without losing their culture. Reality proved that there are more and more Vietnamese parents have been successful in their process of teaching children by combining all the strength of both Vietnamese and American approaches of

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