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Advertising: Principles and Practice, 8th Edition

Segment 1: AFLAC

That wacky, quacky duck brought AFLAC to a high spot among most-recognizable ads and brand names. The insurance company is growing quickly as a result of this greater name recognition. It achieved 89 percent brand recognition in a relatively short time, resulting in $10 billion in sales and about a 25 percent compound growth rate.

AFLAC had spent millions of dollars on advertising with little or no effect and almost no market awareness. Clearly, the current strategy was not working. This led the management team to decide to try something bold to increase market awareness. The advertising agency came up with many different
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AFLAC then needs to use advertising to provide consumers with supporting information, as in the following scenario: "Yeah, okay, the duck. I know the name is AFLAC because it sounds like that duck, but what does AFLAC do? Oh, insurance. Well, what kind of insurance? My company doesn’t make AFLAC available. How do I know it’s better? How would I convince my company that we need that option? Could I buy AFLAC for my other insurance needs? How would AFLAC policies and prices compare to the insurance policies I already have? Where do I go for more information?” It is obvious that AFLAC probably needs to move beyond the duck. (The company is not going to get much above 89 percent brand awareness; Coca-Cola is “only” at 95 percent.)

3. We have learned that it is important to communicate with consumers through more than just traditional advertising. Personal selling is extremely important when you are trying to convince consumers to buy an intangible product. What do you think the sales force’s reaction was when it first saw the AFLAC duck? Is it necessary for a sales force to buy into a campaign, or can it be shown later that a campaign is working?

The sales force probably was worried, and usually it’s important to have it the team board. Remember, the objective of IMC planning is to make the most effective use of all marketing communications functions to influence the impact of other communication elements. Perhaps the salespeople knew, though,

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