Video Games : The Revolutionary Brown Box Essay

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The world has so much technology that can be put into cars, planes, computers, etc, but what if I told you that same technology is being used to run a 10.3 billion dollar industry? Video games have been around since the late 60’s. Now most of them have more computing power than the first rocket ship. Video games have evolved over the years. From 8 bit to HD, they have evolved and offer many possibilities. While sometimes the can be bad they can also be good. They help with some disorders
(“Orenstein,”) and mental problems, and they also offer a very successful career if your willing to put in the work. Video games have been around for longer than many think. The first working home video game system was the revolutionary Brown Box (“Evolution”). It was created by the “father of video games,” Ralph H. Baer (“Evolution”). After the Brown Box video games slowly started to take off. While the Brown Box was the first it was not the first official. Magnavox stepped onto the scene in 1972 Magnavox released their version of the video game system. They called it the Odyssey (“Evolution”). Upon its release it had no sound and, by todays standards “primitive graphics (“Evolution”).” Magnavox had a great grip on the newly formed industry, but other systems would step into the spot light as well. Between the years of 1975-1977 there was a few good systems released, but the two most notable was the Atari Pong System (“Evolution”), as well as the Coleco Telstar. In the years 1975-1977…

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