Essay about Video Games Effects On Children

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Violent Video Games
Several years ago the technology and child’s play were not such as extremely developed as today. Thousands of teenagers have video games as their primary form of entertainment at home and the disagreement about this topic is because they focus in a several subjects such as violence scenes, sex, hostile, racism and other resource. For many years, researchers have been debating if video games can cause dependence or nor. However, an expert such as Jack Flanagan believes video games have a really negative effect on a person’s life and even on children. Jack states that video game addiction exits, and can have the same effects as drugs and alcohol (Netzley 36-37). This show that video game addiction can be like any other addiction, and can be some intense that might be present during the impeding the individual work in his or her normal activities. Moreover, violent video games can make children react in more aggressive behavior. Most of the violent video games have emergency situations where the player need to kill people or situations where player have to avoid enemies kill them, and this stress that can lead to an aggression behavior (Hasan, Laurent & Brad 1). In addition, according to Makiko violent video games can make children avoid social interactions, have problems in school, and increase obesity. The majority of children prefer to spend time alone than going out with children of their age due to the excessive gaming time and then the computer,…

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