Addiction Case Studies

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Case Studies A number of studies on technological addiction are seen when the literature is analyzed. In a two-year longitudinal study of 3,034 third through eighth grade students in Singapore found approximately nine percent of gamers to be pathological players according to standards similar to those established by the American Psychiatric Association for diagnosing gambling addiction. Also, in a study conducted by Gentile indicated that video games were played by 8.5% of individuals surveyed aged between 8 and 18, it was seen that 11.9% of the same age group suffered from addiction.
The result of these findings gave scholars such as Zorbaz the initiation to conduct her own studies, which consisted of
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It was discovered that family relations are important in explaining primary school students’ video game addiction rates. As a result, if an adolescent lacks an effective relationship with his/her family, and they play video games the chances of them becoming addicted increases significantly. This should be taken seriously because the outcome of video game addiction can lead to risk factors such as depression, social phobias, and poor school performances. Figure 1 shows this and this was conducted by a study in …show more content…
Many scholars when interpreting game addiction in such games often relate it to gambling. If the problem is not diminished by the times these adolescents reach adulthood, the consequences will become more severe. For people that care of a child, it is important to make sure they are not playing video games obsessively and educate them on human values and how they differ from video games. In an article it showed that throughout the years studies have merged to find correlations between these kind of games and gamers physical and mental health. Such studies find that these games become very addictive and result in very problematic health issues. It has become so extreme that in some cultures such as in China, they have enforced certain laws to limit the amount of online playing. It has now become a bigger concern because they have traced these games back with social issues such as barriers between normal relationships and academic achievements like other studies have also found. These barriers are destroying the true values and elements for players in real life. For some gamers these games, control who they are and become a part of their regularly routine. If not, this may turn the gamers to becoming violent in the future. For example, in the show Criminal Minds, there was a case where two brothers were addicted to online video

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