Video Games Are Good For People?

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Video Games are secretly good for you
The news and media likes to push blame onto the video game industry for most of the recent tragedies that occur in high schools and society today. Several news stations have claimed that video games are too violent and desensitizing to the younger audiences and should be banned or severely restricted in what kind of content they should have. The problem with most of these groups’ point of views is that they are only focusing on the negative impact games have on today’s society and how they can hurt. In the opposing view, there is evidence that video games have several beneficial things that can help people of all ages with different valuable life skills such as problem solving, memory retention, reading comprehension, as well as several other benefits.
A study conducted by a group of German researchers helped get a better understanding of how our brains are affected by video games. In the study 23 adults, about 25 years of age to played "Super Mario 64" for half an hour a day for two months. The control group were told to not to play video games at all during this time. When examining the participants’ brains with an MRI machine, it was found that the group that had played games had a rise in gray matter in the right prefrontal cortex, right hippocampus, and the cerebellum -- areas of the brain
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There are sum people that belive videogames don’t benefit people. In the beginning of videogames people said that video games can distort a child view of reality, and it could lead the child to kill people and live irresponsibly. But today the biggest argument against videogames is that hurts the child ability to socilze with other people. Many parents say that a children who mostly only interact with their friends online, have social problems. They say that video games are the cause. There are also other people that say that children playing videogames make them

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