Video Games And Mental Illness Essay

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A national survey in 2008 revealed that 45% of Australians are suffering from a mental illness (, 2016). With such a high number of people suffering in Australia alone, mental illness is clearly a prevalent issue within society and a topic that deserves a multitude of research and attention. The number of Australian gamers has also risen substantially in the last few years, with a national survey revealing that 68% of Australians participate in some form of gaming (Brand & Todhunter 2015). Evidently a large majority of Australians are playing games and almost half of Australia is suffering from a mental illness, however there has not been much research into the correlation of moderate game consumption and mental illness, rather most research has been focused on addiction. This study will investigate if there is any link between video games and mental illness, and help determine any positive or negative effects in regards to mental wellbeing. Results of this study will help in the future development of video games by providing information on the mental outcomes of moderate gaming, this will help developers create video games that have a positive effect on a player’s health.

Literature review
1. Futile search for a better life? Two biographical case studies on women with depression and video game dependency (Bleckmann, Eckert and Jukschat, 2012)
In this research study Bleckmann, Eckert and Jukschat interviewed women with video game dependency and depression…

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