Video Games And Its Impact On People Essay

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Technology constantly changes itself and the way we interact with the world and our own selves. One achievement of technology that has always had an impact on people is video games. Video games can provide entertainment, education, and can bring people together. Some critics of games claim that they are violent and meaningless, but in fact, games are a benefit to society. A common misconception is that video games are a recent invention, but the truth is they have been around for almost seventy years. According to online website’s,, Video Game History Timeline, in 1940, an inventor named Edward U. Condon unveiled a brand new computer at the World Fair. The main function of the computer was to play against people in a game called Nim.(Museum of Play) For the next thirty-two years, the only way people could play videos games was on computers, until 1972, when Atari’s Nolan Bushnell and Al Alcorn created the very first Pong arcade machine.(Museum of Play) In 1975, Magnavox came out with the Odyssey, the first ever home console.(Museum of Play) Later that year, Atari released a home version of Pong, and in 1977, they released the Atari 2600.(Museum of Play) Pac-Man was released in 1980, and in 1981, we see the first appearance of Nintendo’s mascot Mario in the Donkey Kong arcade game.(Museum of Play) In 1987, The Legend of Zelda is the first game to actually save a players progress while they play.(Museum of Play) Some other major advances since then have…

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