How Video Games Have Changed Over The Years

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The world has so much technology that can be put into cars, planes, computers, etc, but what if I told you that same technology is being used to run a 10.3 billion dollar industry? Video games have been around since the late 60’s. Now most of them have more computing power than the first rocket ship. Video games have evolved over the years. From 8 bit to HD, they have evolved and offer many possibilities. While sometimes the can be bad they can also be good. They help with some disorders
(“Orenstein,”) and mental problems, and they also offer a very successful career if your willing to put in the work. Video games have been around for longer than many think. The first working home video game system was the revolutionary Brown Box (“Evolution”).
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They opened up jobs for animators to testers. A lot of work goes into a video game, and usually take a year or so to even be remotely ready for the public (“mckay”). Designers come up with concepts for the games. Like does the public want a war game or action? They pretty much decide what to do for the game its self. Writers will make a script for each character and they will untimely decide what is said throughout the game (“mckay”). Translators are very important for other countries or for people who speak a different language than what the game was produced in. If not for them other countries or even our country may not be able to understand games. Animation in a video game is very important. It is what you see on your screen. If not for the animators you wouldn 't be able to see anything in the game. More importantly is the programmers. They are the reason your games will work. Through thousands of lines of code they build the game itself. If not for them slaving the video games wouldn 't exist (“mckay”). Audio engineers do all the audio work. IF you hear an explosion, or gun fire, or voices, they are the entire reason for it. They program all audio into the game. Testers are the first public hands the game will touch. They will test the game for how good it is, if it has glitches or bugs, and if there is anything that needs …show more content…
The disadvantages of the games are or can be a serious issue. Problems can be noted as robbing you from real life experiences. They can can keep you away from whats important in life, rather it be a graduation or your kids baseball game. They can be distractions witch isn 't entirely bad (“top 5”). They can distract the player from the real world and what needs to get done. The can make the player addicted and cause relationship failures. If someone is addicted to something thats all they want to do. If the player is addicted to video games they will miss out on maybe a wife or husband, kids, and a whole lot more. (“top 5”). Video games can also be expensive. The “next gen” consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 can cost upwards of 350$ to 500$ dollars. The games themselves can be very expensive too (“top 5”). The newly released game scan sell any where form 60$ to 120$ dollars (“top 5”). Games can also cause obesity, seizures, skeletal disorders and posture problems (‘smarter

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