Essay Video Games : An Amazing Source For Historical Information

2114 Words Dec 10th, 2016 9 Pages
The empire of video games we see today is built upon explorations into the past. Titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Civilization, Command and Conquer and Assassins Creed have captured the attention, and piggy banks of gamers the world over. While the quality of video games can vary just as much as the quality of books or films there are some trends that many developers and franchises follow that influence the general interpretation of history in games.
Some would argue that history according to video games deviates from the exact details of historic events they intend to represent, and are not useful for that reason. This presentation aims to prove that despite some errors in continuity, video games are an incredible source for historical information. It is more important for video games to represent history in a way that makes it fun, interesting, and immersive than it is for those events to be perfectly dramatized. While good representation of historical events is important to an extent, approximation will serve to inform and only at very high levels will the artistic deviation from reality impact historical understanding.
How exactly do video games deviate from history? When do games sacrifice historical integrity? Well it varies greatly, in order to give empirical and specific data, comparisons will be drawn between historical accounts of Gallipoli and the version of events provided in the Battlefield One campaign. After which the Industrial revolution and Victorian…

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