Video Games : A Violent Game Essay

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Violent Video Games
In the 1960s, video games were introduced into the fast paced world of which people live in. For the most part, people would say this is a good thing. As society has taken on many changes, the gaming world has also. Some of those changes have not been the best of changes. I can remember when a video game served as much needed babysitters for many of the families that had both parents working all the time. Parents did not have to worry so much if they knew that their child was at home playing games such as Pac Man. As time has changed, the video game market has exploded. Society can no longer feel as they once did with video games like Pac Man and Mario Brothers. It seems like video games have taken a very violent turn. Now there are video games that teach kids role playing in a real life game. As most of society knows, gaming is a world all its own. Some of the players as well as the creators believe that the game is real. Because of this and other proven facts related to the violence in some video games I do not believe teenagers should be able to purchase violent video games.
Video games are rated just as movies and some books are. They have ratings from “E” which is for everyone and ratings that go up to “AO” meaning adult only. In the middles of these ratings, there are ratings such as “M” for mature. Mature videos are for 17 years plus. The ratings still do not…

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