Video Games: a Boon, Not a Plague Essay

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Donald Ng Jer Yi

English 110 R75
October 18, 2013

Video games: a boon, not a plague We all have that one day of the week where we just want to cut loose from the burden of work and assignments. This “free” day would be used to engage in leisure activities which would reduce stress such as playing video games. However, the video game industry has come under heavy fire from the mainstream media, whom claim that there is a direct link between video games and violence amongst gamers. Despite the numerous reports that claim it is directly related to violence, video games are beneficial because they enhance the cognitive flexibility and teach moral lessons.
Video games are games that are played by electronically manipulating
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in 1998), not only tests the gamer’s perceptual abilities, but also enhance their cognitive abilities. According to a research conducted amongst selective undergraduate participants from the University of Texas at Austin utilizing Starcraft, “RTS gaming selectively promotes cognitive flexibility, particularly under conditions in which players must rapidly switch between contexts while maintaining memory of both contexts.” (Glass, Maddox and Love). This trait is beneficial when conducting group discussions be it in a class session or an important meeting.
Another reason video games are beneficial is that it improves the morality of a gamer. Morality is the ability to distinguish what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in terms of actions and decisions based on a moral code. Certain video games have incorporated in-game decisions which would shape the outcome of the story and the player-controlled protagonist as a whole. One such game is the graphic adventure video game by Telltale Games: “The Walking Dead.” Here, the player takes control of Lee Everett; a university professor and convicted murderer who subsequently rescues and takes care of a young girl named Clementine in an onset of the zombie apocalypse in this fictional world. As the

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