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Blog 19 – LeoVegas puts classic slot games back under the spotlight

These days it seems that most online casinos only concern themselves with the modern approach to online slot game play. Flashy, sizzling, and usually featuring video game like graphics, it really isn’t a shock to see that these games simply command attention. However, while these games are certainly deserving of the plaudits, a thought must be spared for the format that came before. Before there were video slots there was (and still is) classic slots, also known as 3-reel slots. Many online casino operators have neglected these slot games, but not LeoVegas, who have recently put the focus back onto classic slots.

Filling players with nostalgia, these are the games that can give players the true feeling of Las Vegas. Based on the classic land-based slot machine setup, these games are more attractive than most people realise. Bringing players the very best of the basics, they are a steadfast option for those who want a speedy slots experience through desktop and mobile devices. When it comes to such games, one operator puts them front and centre. If you want a taste of the classic slots experience, as any online casino portal will tell you, LeoVegas is the place to be.

Big 7s Are Back

If your memory stretches back far enough you will remember time in which slot reels were dominated by fruits, bars, and 7s. They were the pick of the time, but as the industry moved on the classic slot game UI was replaced.…

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