Video Game Addiction Research Paper

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Warning Signs
There are multitudes of warning signs that others can see to tell if an individual has a gaming addiction. There are features of video game addiction that can be in the criteria for diagnosing the addiction. Principles of Addiction and King, Delfabbro, and Griffiths (2013) states that there are 6 features that are criteria include: Salience, Mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal, relapse, and harm. Salience comes around when playing video games is all the person can think about, it starts to dominate thoughts, emotions, and behavior. When not playing all they can think about it having another play session (King et al., 2013). Mood modification refers to the change in a person’s mood state that comes from playing video games; having increased physiological arousal or a
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Out of 613 students surveyed, 104 subjects were recruited to the EIGP group (Han et al., 2007). The study had 79 male EIGP adolescents and 75 age and gender matched healthy comparison adolescents were recruited (Han et al., 2007). The subjects were screened by using the Korean manual of symptom checklist-90-revision for mental disorders and substance abuse. All the subjects in the study were given “Young’s Internet Addiction Scale (IAS) and a self- reported questionnaire; the subjects in the EIGP group scored >50 and played video games for 1 hour or more every day, while the non EIGP played less than 1 hour per day (Han et al., 2007). After 25 were dropped for excessive gaming could have been a consequence of comorbid diseases; in the EIGP group 4 were dropped for major depression, 5 were dropped for conduct disorder, and 2 dropped for ODC disorder, 14 left because the concerns of blood draws and genetic analysis (Han et al., 2007). The questionnaire was modified according to the DSM-IV criteria of pathologic

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