Research Paper On Addiction

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The term "addiction" is most commonly used with a person 's desire to consume alcohol or drugs. Addictions can be either physical, in your mind or both. By that, it simply means being addicted to any type of substance is all on you. Your body and mind can stop using any type of dangerous substance that you let into your body if you wanted to; key word “you”. You are the key to helping yourself out, it all starts with you. Assuming that addictions became a primary focus on a person life it can highly affect their well-being and be fairly harmful to the person. Many doctors see addiction more as a disease not as a moral problem. By disease it is a complex disease meaning quitting is harder than it looks. Whenever a patient is motivated enough …show more content…
People refuse treatments because they love the way the certain drug makes them feel, and they believe that when they cannot use it anymore they will never feel the amount of relief or joy they felt before. Addiction tells humans that they can act persistently against their own interesest. People have based their view of addiction on an unrepresentative sample of addicts, most people believe that when they get involved in the drug that made them become obsessed they will not be able to get away with it just because they fell involve with the way makes them feel and with the way it makes them seem to themselves or others. Human beings are very self conscience about the way they look to others. Say all of your friends are huge drug addicts and you do not do any of that stuff at all. Your “friends” will then start to tease you, mess around with you and basically pressure you into taking the drugs with them. You may not know much about what it would do to you, but they sure do and then they are leading you into a bad situation. Cannot always trust people who you think you could (Teen Drug Abuse. Ed. David E. …show more content…
Residential treatment is often the last stop for out of control substance abusing teenagers. Support groups are an easier way to be treated because you too are also around people who share the same problems as you so therefore you do not feel like it is only you and you can connect with a bunch of people sharing the same problems and hard times that you would have swell to make you feel more comfortable in opening up to peers. Spending time with a counselor is also good for support because it gives u a chance to vent and be open 1 on 1 without having the fear of your family judging you. Family therapy sessions are also a good way to be able to get on track at times, but the only thing is you would be scared of what your family would think of you or if they would see you differently in any type of way (Illegal Drugs: American’s

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