Video Conferencing Essay

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Video Conferencing

One could say that the ability to communicate is a key to success. Merriam Webster’s defines communication as a verbal or written message and also the technology of the transmission of information (as by print or telecommunication) ( There are various ways people communicate today, face-to-face, on the phone, the Internet, radios, television to name a few. This paper will focus on one mode of communication called Video Conferencing. This paper will provide a detailed description of Video Conferencing, discuss the technology involved, future trends, companies involved, imposed regulations and global implications.
Detailed Description Many companies are joining the bandwagon
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“Video conferencing permits people in different locations to interact, but it doesn't enable the sharing of work objects. On the other hand, various kinds of visualization software allow distributed teams to view and share work objects, however these applications don't support personal interaction either.” ( The Virtual Collaborative Design prototype from Accenture Technology Labs combines these technologies into a powerful-shared solution. Participants have face-to-face contact as if they were looking at each other through a window. One person can touch and control an object and, if other participants need to make a point, they can just take hold of it, as they could do with a real physical object. Participants have access to onscreen menus that can bring up documents and other reference information. When they point to things onscreen, they do so just like they would in person. The result is a very human boundary, and using Virtual Collaborative Design is extremely intuitive. Participants can rely on basic social conventions to determine how they work together. Virtual Collaborative Design is a high-tech solution that supports very low-tech "natural" interactions. The result is a much more productive collaboration solution. Virtual Collaborative Design can be a valuable solution for the aerospace industry, pharmaceutical companies, or any industry that requires people in multiple locations to work together using

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