Video Conferencing Case Study

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Most offices and businesses, large and small, are already using video conferencing to some degree. It has been responsible for launching successful start-ups, saved large companies from economic meltdown, and allowed small businesses to make a profit in a competitive global marketplace. Many new company buildings are being designed and built especially to accommodate this new technology, saving each company as much as £10,400 per year and quickly paying for itself. But not many companies are using it to their full advantage, unknowingly costing them money. Here are just some of the advantages of video conferencing offered by Blue Jeans:
1. Communication Between Departments
One of the key foundations of any business is adequate communication
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By ensuring your employees have a good set up with a reliable internet connection and business conferencing software, which is both cheap and easy to install, you can run your business from anywhere in the world and still keep an eye of your employee’s output.
4. Travel Costs
Not only can you save money on driving to the office every day, you can also save on travelling to other locations to check up on how things are going. You could even save yourself substantial air fares for international meetings and the time lost by travelling or commuting. Video conferencing systems save each company as many as 900 business trips per year, all time which is being put back into the business to allow it to grow more. As one of the biggest costs incurred by both businesses and individuals, cutting it down should be one of the first things considered when trying to save money.
5. Immediate
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As such, when a problem occurs, you want to discuss it with your employees as quickly as you can in order to make a decision sooner, but waiting until a scheduled meeting time will just delay this further and potentially cost you even more money. You can solve this by using tele-conferencing to speak to as few or as many employees as you want immediately without too much interruption to their natural work flow and share important documents virtually. This is especially useful if an emergency crops up, employees are out of the office, or you only need to bring up something briefly, which would be pointless to hold an entire meeting for. This way you can keep the office running smoothly and cut down on the amount of pointless meetings which do nothing but keep people away from their

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