Veterinary Technician Essay

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Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians perform patient care duties in various animal care facilities. In addition to basic medical knowledge gained through veterinary technology education programs, veterinary technicians must have effective communication skills and enjoy working with animals.Veterinary technicians are important to ensuring that animal patients at clinics, hospitals, rescue shelters and zoos receive the best care and attention. In order to aid sick or injured animals effectively, every veterinarian needs the best available vet technician to keep things running smoothly. Veterinary technicians play a considerable role in delivering care to all kinds of animals in need.
So what exactly does a veterinary technician do? The everyday duties of a vet tech vary and will depend on the type of facility you work in, but you will regularly be assisting veterinarians in caring for patients. More than likely, on a visit to the veterinarian, the vet tech will perform the first evaluation of your pet’s condition.Typically in a hospital setting, veterinary technicians may perform the
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Employers prefer technicians who have studied under a program approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association.Vet techs must obtain state-issued credentials. I was very surprised when I asked my trainer Amanda what college she went to. She told me she didn’t. Although she never went to college to get a job as a technician, she did tell me she had six years of volunteering in hospitals and she did the ROC program as well. I participated in ROC Animal Care, which was definitely a helpful step closer to my career. In my course at ROC, I gained knowledge of the basic veterinary terminology and many other concepts, but most importantly I obtained hands-on experience at a real vet hospital. Additionally, the job outlook is expected to rise 30% by

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