Small Animal Veterinarian Essay

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VPL 120 has really shed light on the extent of the diversity of the veterinary profession. The vet profession includes small animal vet, large animal vet, exotics vet, pathologists and one can also get into veterinary research, wildlife and game and animal welfare. Many of these mentioned professions can allow you to also get into private practice. All mentioned veterinarians also play a huge role in the successfulness of the human-animal bond.
Small animal veterinarians are not only expected to treat just dogs and cats, people may bring rodents, reptiles, birds as well as goldfish and small animal vets are obligated to help in any way possible. A small animal vet is expected to examine, diagnose and treat, vaccinate, perform surgery as well as euthanize animals. Small animal vets tend to have a daily routine with regards to their work however I cannot imagine the job being boring since there are so many different personalities of little, beautiful animals coming in every day.
Large animal veterinarians primarily specialize in healthcare of livestock animals such as cattle, goats, pigs, sheep, and horses. Large animal veterinarians work on farms and may spend a lot of time on the road traveling to these different farms. Their job description includes performing health
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Mammals include ferrets, pet skunks, domestic pigs, hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, hedgehogs, etc. Other exotic animals may include reptiles, birds and amphibians of all sorts. Their job description is similar to that of a small animal vet. Both small animal and exotics vet can work in a private practice however and exotics vet can work in a zoo as well. Personally, I feel exotics veterinarians have a very exciting work life due to the wonderful diversity of animals they work with, I cannot imagine the working days of an exotics vet being the same. Exotics never seemed to be an option for me but has intrigued me the most since I was spoken to about

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