A Career Essay: Life As A Veterinary Technician

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Life as a Veterinary Technician
While researching information about how to be a veterinary technician, I found some websites that had authors that wrote about how to achieve the education you need to be a veterinary technician. Most of these authors wrote the text in order of what educations you need to become a veterinarian. The other information is the work and work conditions on the job. Veterinary medicine is a field for people that want to work with animals and don’t mind getting dirty, but is also requires the vet to be available to the patients 24/7.
In order to become a veterinarian you have to do a few years in college. You will need to have 4 years in a college or university. While you’re in college you need to study biology,
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The employment projected growth is about 22% from 2012 to 2022. As of being a veterinary technician there are some important qualities you need. Having compassion is one of the biggest ones because you have to have compassion for the suffering animals. Also you will need decision making skills so you can make the right choice for the animals. When you make a decision you would have to advise the animal owner and if they agree then you can go on with the procedure. You would also need interpersonal skills because you need to be able to break bad news to the pet owners. Also you will need to have manual dexterity so when you are working on the animals you have steady hands and you are able to do the surgery. Having problem solving skills is also a big one to have because you will need to be able to solve problems on your own and with …show more content…
If the economy is slow then the average salary will go down little by little but if the economy is in good hands then the average salary will go back up. The earning range of being a veterinary technician is around 50k to 145k. The earning range depends on how much you know and how good you are at your job. There are very few people that get up to 145k because that is a lot of money for the government to give out. If you get up to 145k you are making a great living. It is proven that veterinary technician makes more money than an ER

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