Veteran / Silent, Baby Boomers, X Generation ( Xers ) And The Y Generation / Millenniums

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Veteran/Silent, Baby boomers, X Generation (Xers) and the Y Generation/Millenniums ( generation) are the distinct four groups of people that comprise today’s workforce. Veteran/Silent were born between 1925 and 1946 and are considered the most loyal workers. Having values shaped by the Great Depression, World War II and postwar boom years, they are highly dedicated and the most risk adverse. Baby Boomers grew up watching “I Love Lucy”, experienced the Civil Rights Movement unfold and were born post-World War II between years 1946 to 1964. According to Collier (2015) , Gen X encompasses the lucky group of individuals born in the late 60’s but were born before the 80’s really got started. They represent the pop culture of the 70’s and are often referred to as latch-key (p. 1). Generation Y/Millennium a is the demographic cohort following Generation X, these technological whiz kids came of age during the rapid development of the internet and an rise in global terrorism. The workforce represented today is definitely a multi-generational one. Each generation has its own characteristics regarding expectations, values and working styles.
Generational Characteristics
The characteristics of the generational groups are important concerns as companies find themselves trying to oversee four generations of workers in order to achieve a harmonious productive workforce. The work characteristics of Baby Boomers, Xers and Y/ Millennium Generation are different in many…

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