Vegetarian Benefits

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The Endless Benefits of Vegetarianism

Making the switch from a meat-eating diet to a vegetarian diet is the best life choice. Being a vegetarian is becoming progressively more common and the vegetarian options are expanding as a result, which means the transition from meat to no meat can be simple and fast, without jeopardizing food taste. There are many benefits of being a vegetarian including living a healthier life, helping the environment and preventing animal cruelty.

Health Benefits

To begin, when you become a vegetarian you are making a healthy choice for your body, as you are increasing your chances of warding off disease. When people switch from a meat eating diet to that of a vegetarian, their serum cholesterol levels drop
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Currently, there are 1.5 billion cows on earth that produce methane when they pass gas. This is very destructive on the planet since methane is the most destructive greenhouse gas, trapping 21 more times the greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. As well, animal waste decomposes for long periods of time in giant tanks or lagoons; as a result hundreds of gases pollute our air including the major hazardous gases: hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, manmade ammonium, which is generated by livestock, is a huge contributor to acid …show more content…
Meat eaters use significantly more water than vegetarians, for example one pound of beef uses 2,000 gallons of water whereas 1 pound of tofu uses 300 gallons of water. As well, the process of farming animals is causing deforestation. The global agribusiness turned to tropical rainforests, destroying millions of hectares of trees, in order for cattle space or for cattle feed. Furthermore, the entire factory farming industry is based on oil consumption including the farming, transport, and production of food and water. This means that one third of all the fossil fuels produced in the United States goes into animal

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