Vark Learning Assessment Essay

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Assessment of Learning Style
Family Centered Health Promotion
Grand Canyon University, Nursing 429V
Professor Holmes

Julie Smith, RN

Before one can decide what their VARK score is, it may be important to understand what each letter in the acronym means. The V in VARK stands for visual, A for auditory, R for reading and writing and finally the K for kinaesthetic. Each of these letters represent an individual’s preferred method of learning new information.
With a total VARK score of 48, I have been placed in the Multimodal category. According to Fleming (2011) Multimodal learners "are context specific choosing the mode that best fits the need". Fleming used examples of context specific learning such as when signing a document, the
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A learner who uses the read/write method may often be found making lists, categorizing things under headings. In a classroom setting this read/writer prefers notes verbatim. To make the information "stick" it has been helpful to rewrite notes and then read them over again and again. Rewriting notes is another way of saying something over and over in your head, but the act of writing and saying over again makes the information easier to remember. It coincides with a visual aspect by seeing something over again. The kinaesthetic learner in also prefers to use all of the senses - taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. This type of learning has been best used during laboratory classes, taking field trips and being able to hear the real-life examples from presenters of information. Barman, A., Jaafar, R., and Rahim, A. (2011) state in their research that "learning preference refers to one's choice of a specific learning situation or environment. Learning style varies with the personality style. As personality style varies from individual to individual, learning style will be different for different individuals. As learning style is individualized there is possibility of wide variation in the learning style even in a specific group of students". In my own study habits I have found, and continue to

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