Essay on Vaccination Are Harmful And Ineffective

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Vaccinations According to the CDC, "732,000 American children were saved from death and 322 million cases of childhood illnesses were prevented from 1994-2014 due to vaccinations." ("Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?"). There are many parents with young children living in the United States. Those parents have the option to either have their children vaccinated or not. Growing up, my parents chose to have my siblings and me vaccinated and as a result we are all healthy. Many parents, similar to blogger Amy Parker from, Voices for Vaccines, and Christina Vara, from the blog Shot of Prevention, follow the CDC 's recommendation schedule and get their children vaccinated every year to prevent diseases in the future. A number of parents, like blogger Robin Konie from Thank Your Body, and blogger Sarah are against getting their children vaccinated because they have the fear that ingredients in the vaccination are harmful and ineffective (Konie). There are also some parents, like Mandi Ehman from the blog, Life Your Way, that think it should be the parent 's choice to have their children vaccinated or not vaccinated. The question comes up as, are vaccines truly effective or ineffective? Growing up, I never really thought about what shots I needed to get. My parents, like most, did the thinking for me. My parents thought it would be effective for my siblings and me to get vaccinations. There are parents out there, like my parents that vaccinate their children yearly.…

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