Is It Ethical To Mandate Vaccinations For Children?

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Currently in the US, parents, teachers, and doctors are all at a loss when it comes to deciding whether or not it is an ethical decision to mandate vaccinations of young children. Some people believe it is against their religious freedom and parental rights to mandate vaccinations in young children, but then there is also the argument that it is unethical to opt out of vaccinations for a child because of the risk of infection of many death-causing illnesses that would harm the child. So is it ethical to mandate whether or not parents get vaccinations for their children?

Mass population vaccination movements began in the 19th century (Gullion, Public Health Nursing). Vaccinations made it possible to prevent potential death-causing
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The government is unlawfully stepping on parental rights by choosing to mandate vaccinations, without enough knowledge of the risks vaccines present their children with. They feel that instead the government is working hand in hand with the big pharmaceutical companies to fill their wallets as opposed to filling the minds of the parents with all of the necessary information to consider while deciding whether or not their children should be vaccinated. According to the CDC, the main two vaccinations that are currently mandated in the US are the DTaP/Td/Tdap and the Meningococcal vaccine (“Vaccination Coverage Rates and Data”). These are two required vaccinations for admittance in nearly all childcare facilities, public schools, camps, and other various childhood activities. The side effects of these vaccines include fever, redness and swelling, allergic reactions, temporary nervous system problems, chills, rash, swollen glands, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, and many other documented reactions (Wynia, American Journal of Bioethics). The antivaccinationists think that the ongoing list of side effects is enough alone to avoid vaccinating their …show more content…
Due to advances in medical science, any patient can be immunized against more serious or death-causing illnesses than ever before(Rosenthal, immunization coverage levels). Some illnesses that once severely harmed or killed thousands of children, have been wiped out completely and others are close to follow in the steps towards extinction. They are close to extinction primarily due to the effectiveness of vaccines. The pro-vaccinationists make a point that Polio is one significant example of why vaccinations played such a large role in US history. Polio was once America’s most aggressive fatal illness, causing a mass amount of deaths and paralysis throughout the land. According to the CDC, there are currently little to no cases of Polio in the US (“Vaccination Coverage Rates and Data”) and pro-vaccinationists feel that it is due to the effectiveness of

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