Personal Experience: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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The philosophy of education to me is ensuring that every student has the greatest opportunity to learn in a way that they learn the best. I feel most teachers believe the majority of students learn the same way and pace. Most believe, the more rigorous and the more repetitiveness of the material is correlates are successful methods for learning. I have been exposed to various types and styles of teaching and most they all have worked for different students at one point or another. But there have been many times throughout my formative and college years I’ve sat in a class and after seemingly hours of being lectured I realized that I didn’t remember a word the instructor said. For this reason, I feel my philosophy of education would be in …show more content…
I would identify a specific major area of learning to be addressed through this lesson. Selecting this specific objective (theme) will require me to target a grade level and correlate the lessons content and grade level to the correct state standard. Targeting a grade level helps me to help students relate to the lesson on their level. If the student is initially able to relate to the lesson on their level, I can then infuse higher level thinking into the lesson which will enable students to develop questions on a higher level and assist with students interpreting ideas from a variety of …show more content…
My learning objectives would be outlined in a format that would not only guide my planning but it would also boost student thinking. For example, each objective would be worded in phrases that began with Students will Additionally it should be noted that I would pre plan objectives for students who may need accommodations or modifications. This level of planning for the needs of all students carry through to the procedure and assessment portion of my planning. This form of holistic planning, meets students where they are, eliminates frustrations, and targets the state standards. All of this is achieved while students see what the lesson is specifically teaching, develop questions that encourage active participation in the lesson, and interpret foreign ideas from diverse perspectives based their knowledge of the

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