Point Of View Reflection For A Lesson Plan

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Point of View Reflection

This project took me about ten hours all together to complete. I spent a lot of time researching different creative activities that I could implement into my lesson plan to keep my students engaged. My goal was to find activities that would teach the students as well as getting them to interact with the activities. A lot of my time was dedicated to following the format and filling in the additional information the MoPTA required. I believe this lesson plan has some very good strengths. One of the strengths is that it is very creative and has the students using creative thinking during all of the activities. I implemented role playing and watching Toy Story in which students could relate more too and have fun with.
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One is that it takes quite a bit of time, so as a teacher who does not have a lesson plan already for their class or subject, I would have to make sure I plan my schedule to have enough time to create one. I might not have to go into depth as this format has me do, but I would still need to write out all of my activities and plan my assessments and acknowledge the standards that I am supposed to be following. Another thing I learned, that schools think that lining up their curriculum with the standards is very important and I would have to agree. The lesson needs to follow what needs to be taught in order for the student to succeed and show signs of increasing intelligences. I also learned that a lesson plan needs to modify and accommodate as needed for the different types of learning styles and abilities in my classroom. For special needs students, I would modify my lesson to where those students would not have to take part in certain activities and be given different worksheets to help make learning point of view easier. For ELL students, I would also modify my lessons to have those students read easier literature and compare the points of view to books and stories they understood. If I needed, I could also provide subtitles for the videos. The MoSPE standard that this project is aligned to is MoSPE standard 1: Academics: Candidates demonstrate knowledge and application of general education, content knowledge, and pedagogy. Through this lesson, I learned how to modify and accommodate to the different learning styles and student’s abilities. As a teacher, it is important to have background knowledge about how to align lessons with certain standards and curriculum and this project gives me the opportunity to learn about my resources that are available to me as a teacher and how to implement them into my teaching and my

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