Utilizing Effective Monitoring Strategies in the Classroom Essay

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Utilizing Effective Monitoring Strategies in the Classroom
The American heritage dictionary describes monitoring as scrutinizing or checking systematically with a view to collecting certain specified categories of data (Cotton, 1988). Another definition for monitoring that is more closely related to the field of education is, “activities pursued by the teacher to keep track of student learning for purposes of making instructional decisions and providing feedback to students on their progress”(Cotton, 1988). Both definitions accurately describe what effective teachers do when they monitor students’ performance and understanding of lesson material. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between effective student monitoring and
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Homework bears a significant and positive relationship to achievement when the homework is carefully monitored and designed appropriately to be a productive extension of students’ learning in the classroom. Consequently, homework should not be merely busy work but rather it should be closely tied to the subject matter presently being taught in the classroom. Furthermore, homework should be well-aligned to students’ ability and developmental level. Lastly, homework should be easily understood by students and parents. Parents should be required to carefully monitor homework to make sure to the best of their ability that it is complete and done with care and accuracy. One way to hold parents accountable for making sure that students complete homework assignments is having parents sign their signature on a daily homework log, indicating that have made sure that their child completed the necessary homework. Once students turn in their completed homework, it should be quickly graded and promptly returned to them so that they can immediately have feedback how well they are doing in understanding lesson material. “Research shows that students who are assigned homework have more positive attitudes towards school and homework than

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