Using Visuals Essay

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Using Visuals To Communicate A Message



Business is the only thing that comes to mind when I can think of success. It is where people enter the work place, and begins their careers, or even starts their own career for others to follow along. The main idea in a business is getting the meaning of your company and what it stand for, so all can see and understand what it is about. Without advertising your business, or making a point for people to understand a business, it will more than likely not succeed. A business with little or no preparation in advertising and marketing will fail. “Nine out of ten
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These headlines help the audience notice the difference in each section, and it is easier to obtain what is needed from the employee when it is broken down in a bulleted list. Instead of using paragraphs and long sentences, a simple description of what is expected is written. It is straight and to the point, so it becomes easy for the
USING VISUALS 5 employees to know and understand what the responsibilities are that need to be obtained. The intent of this message is so the employees become knowledgeable of the qualifications of the job. It helps them understand what they need to do at the job and how they need to do it. Not only does is describe what they will be doing, but it is almost like a heads up. The employees will be doing things expectedly to the lineup; it will come to no surprise because it is all written down in front of them. That way if they could need meet the expectations they can know ahead of time before they take the path along the wrong career. Another reason why this line up is so important is because a life is involved for the job. It cannot be stressed enough for the employees to understand how important it is that they qualify for the description and responsibilities of the job. The last visual used for the Women Teen Crisis Center is the logo for the company. This branding visual is located at the end of the video. It is created

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