Using Operating Systems Like Windows And Android Essay

1271 Words Mar 5th, 2015 null Page
Technology has developed a lasting in past two decades; computer and telecom industry has progressed at a rapid rate and transformed the living styles of the people. It’s not the tale of very long ago that people were used to take help from postal services and telegram to send their messages, which was later replaced by landline telephones. It was in the last decade of the twentieth century that mobile phones were introduced and brought new and dynamic dimension into the lives of the people. Since for the first time, when the mobile phones were introduced into the market, it has changed many shapes. It has travelled the technological evolution from large, bulky sets to slim and stylish ones, ones having the ability to text and call only to multiple applications into same sets, storage capacity from megabytes to gigabytes. The devices that were originally designed to communicate only are now doing tasks as the simple computer does. Now tablets and smart phones are brought into the market, which are using operating systems like windows and Android. Although windows Operating System is used in some of the mobiles, but, Android seems to be capturing the market and now it has been used in most of the phones. Using and storing information on a large scale, in these operating systems and the applications supported by the android, require a database management system (DBMS) that can save information in a logical manner and can be accessed easily. The most appropriate…

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