Essay on Using Different Methods Of Writing

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Throughout English 2010 I have grown immensely as a writer. Perhaps the most useful skill that I 've learned is how to use different methods of writing. Each piece of writing has a different purpose, and usually has different flow than other writing. For example, we wrote an exploratory essay at one point in the semester, and later wrote a persuasive researched essay. These two essays have completely different structures that reach out to the audience and aid the writer in expressing his or her ideas. The exploratory began by bringing up an issue and then investigating different solutions to that issue to come to a conclusion of either a need for more exploration or a solution to the problem. The persuasive researched essay, on the other hand, began with a statement that the author believes and then goes on to explain why the author believes that way. Learning these techniques have helped me as a writer to know how to put direction into my writing. The biggest accomplishment that I have achieved in this class is doing well in exploring different ideas and accurately representing them. I 'm very opinionated and have tried to look at multiple points of view as I wrote my papers and look at credible sources to get the best information to try to at least somewhat overcome my bias. This has had the biggest impact on me and is what I am most proud of. This isn 't to say that I changed all of my views, but I learned to understand and appreciate other points of view. In doing so,…

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