Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs Has Been An Issue For Our Society

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Ethical Dilemmas The use of performance enhancing drugs has been an issue for our society as early as the 1960’s. Performance enhancing drugs are used to gain an advantage over one’s competitors. The National Football League and National League Baseball were some of the first major organization to start testing their players for steroids (Performance Enhancing Drugs, 2016). These drugs are so widely banned and morally frowned upon; the athletes who still chose to use them do so in secret. However, like In Paul’s case, those who know when they are being used usually turn a blind eye or do nothing because the result of the substances is beneficial. The use of performance enhancing drugs is ethically wrong because it is a form of cheating to unfairly be better than the competition.
Ethically Dilemma:
The ethical dilemma in using performance enhancing drugs is that not all substances are banned and there are so many different forms. This is a difficult situation as Sally Jenkins, a sports columnist for the Washington Post, puts it because “people use harsh judgment for professional athletes who succeed using drugs and yet still pay a great deal to watch them perform” (Jenkins, S. 2007). Society has an image they expect all athletes to fit, weather it is easy to or not. Some athletes feel the only way to fill that image is through performance enhancements. In Paul’s case, he has found a substance that is not banned because it is not well known; however, it is a performance…

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